The revolutionary Capillary Concrete bunker lining system is taking golf courses worldwide by storm and Border Sports are pleased to announce that we are the UK distributor for this innovative product, to see the full story please go to our latest news for further information.
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Grits and Gravel

At Border Sports Services we can supply you with a wide selection of Grit and Gravel products for drainage, decorative or pathway applications. We have a good selection of products so we are sure to have the perfect colour or texture of material that you are looking for.

Drainage Grits and GravelsGrits & Gravel from Border Sports Services

We can supply a range of sizes including 1-5mm, 2-6mm, 4-10mm, 5-20mm, 10-20mm and many more.
Loads are available in bulk tipper loads.

Pathway Aggregates

Border Sports supply a range of self-binding pathway aggregates in a variety of colours ranging from crushed slate (Blue, Plum and Green) to firechip and cresta. Available in bulk tipper loads.

Decorative ChippingsGrits & Gravel from Border Sports Services

Border Sports have a select range of Red decorative chippings available in a range of sizes. Available in bulk bags or bulk tipper loads.
If you would like more information on the different types of Grits, Gravel, Aggregates and Chippings that we provide at Border Sports then please contact us and we will be happy to help you find the perfect product to match your exact requirements.

Golf Course Pathway Applications from Border Sports Services